Classically trained as an artist, I started my professional career in the area of graphic design, gradually moving into 3D. I have been using Maya since 2004, and Photoshop years earlier. I am able to paint and illustrate, and have a good sense of composition, color theory, and perspective. Furthermore, I am an anatomy tutor with Mudbox at the on-line school Animum3D and teach Zbrush classes at Aulatematica (Madrid).

I have successfully worked in positions of responsibility managing a team of artists or successfully covering the press-advertisements of an important travel agency in Spain. I have always liked sharing my knowledge with my colleagues in order to make the team grow.

For two years and a half I worked in a 3D animation film production in the UK. I consider it an enriching experience which allowed me to improve my technical and management skills. Later, I invested in my education in order to consolidate modeling the area of my expertise.

Available for freelance work.