0.01s Gun. Personal project. Modelling Zbrush and Maya, texturing Photoshop, lighting and rendering: Marmoset.
0.06s Binoculars. Personal project. Modelled and rendered in Zbrush in 4 hours.
0.11s Vanity Table. Personal project. Modelling and rendering in Zbrush. 14h 40min.

0.20s FlyingShip. Client: Fuillerat Partners. Modelling, texturing, UVs, rig, and animation done in Maya.

0.27s GameCharacter. Personal project. Modelling Zbrush/Maya, texturing Photoshop, rendering with Marmoset.

0.31s Tigger. Client: Bosch. Modelling, texturing, fur, lighting, animation and rendering. Maya and Zbrush.
0.35s Skitter. Client: Falling Skies UK Kickstarter. Modelling, texturing, animation, rendering. Maya and Zbrush.
0.41s Downtown flies. vimeo.com/68239679. 3dsMax course project. CICE. 3DsMax, Maya and Zbrush.
0.51s Japanese alley. Modelling, texturing, lighting, animation and rendering. Maya, and Zbrush.
0.57s Sir Billi. Layout modelling and texturing. Maya, Photoshop, and Zbrush.
1.04s Sir Billi. Model and texture. Maya, and Photoshop.
1.23s Fescigu2013. Mapping, 3Dmodelling, texturing, lighting, animation, rendering. Maya. Audio: MartinDub.
1.38s Sensei. Zbrush. (The Hidden Leaf short animation project)
1.41s Samurai. Maya. (The Hidden Leaf short animation project)
1.46s Ecorché study. Zbrush Anatomy course.
1.50s Mephisto. Zbrush.
2.00s Crustacean creature. Layout, modelling, textures, rendering. Maya, Vray.